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Lebanese Teachers WithoutBorders Initiative is an online learning center that provides - through its certified members - an efficient one-on-one learning experience for all age groups, in all levels, and in all subjects.

The story behind it

Lebanese teachers, internationally acclaimed for their commitment, qualifications, and skills are passing through a critical economic situation that had taken their country by storm. The need to alter this reality is Vital. Change must start somewhere. This was the ground behind our initiative: To create a link between competent Lebanese teachers on one hand - and people in need to strengthen their knowledge in the Arabic language (and other subjects) on the other hand. Lebanese Teachers WithoutBorders Initiative gives you the chance to have an efficient learning experience, while supporting Lebanese families to overcome tough times. Learn and make a Difference!

Lebanese Teachers WithoutBorders Initiative: Our Mission

- Provide educational support through one-on-one for all age groups, at all levels, in the following subjects: Arabic, French, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History and Geography.

- Help the Arab diaspora across the world to provide support to their children, and allow them to master their native language.

- Provide Adults, interested in learning Arabic, French or English, with one-on-one online sessions, through skilled and qualified teachers.

Our Services

Start learning while making a difference

Improve your knowledge, and the life of Lebanese educators by learning at Lebanese Teachers WithoutBorders Initiative.

Enhance your Arabic skills with qualified Lebanese teachers. Change your life and theirs.

Book your One-on-One sessions now and enhance your Arabic skills.

Book your kids’ yearly online educational support sessions.

Give your Kids an added educational value by preserving their native language. Book their Arabic online classes.

Let Arabic be your next Challenge. Book your online One-on-One sessions now.

Our Support System

Joelle Mardinian launching our Initiative

Annabella Hilal supporting Lebanese Teachers through LT WithoutBorders Initiative

Raya Abi Rashed supporting Lebanese Teachers through LT WithoutBorders Initiative

Our Initiative in the News


بالفيديو – ما هي المبادرة التي أطلقتها جويل ماردينيان عبر انستغرام؟

منذ الطفولة، وحتى سنوات الرشد والتخرج والانطلاق في العالم، يلعب المعلم دورا أساسيا في حياة الانسان، فهو الذي يحمل رسالته المهنية وينطلق ليربي الأجيال ويساهم بهذه الطريقة في بناء الوطن. ومن هذا المنطلق، وبعد التردي الاقتصادي الكبير الذي أتعب اللبنانيين وتسبب بهجرة الآلاف من مختلف الاختصاصات ومن بينهم الأساتذة، انطلقت مبادرة مميزة جدا، هدفها ...المزيد

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Pricing - Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

- TRANSFER FEES are NOT to be paid by the candidate.   All   transfer  fees   are  covered  by 

LT WithoutBorders Initiative.

- A Complementary Introductory session is offered to all candidates, free of charge.

- A minimum number of sessions is to be prepaid, as per the pricing tables below.

- Request for cancellation or reschedule of sessions is to be sent 24 hours before the session's timing, otherwise, the session will be counted and not refundable.

- Account Details is communicated to candidates following the sessions' schedule approval by the candidate.


TRANSFER FEES are NOT to be paid by the candidate. All transfer fees are covered by LT WithoutBorders Initiative.

For Students' educational support in all subjects

$25.5 Fees per Hour

  • Primary
  • Minimum Number of 10 Prepaid Sessions

$35 Fees per Hour

  • Complementary
  • Minimum Number of 8
    Prepaid Sessions

$41.3 Fees per Hour

  • Secondary
  • Minimum Number of 7
    Prepaid Sessions

For  Adults' Arabic Private Lessons

$26 Fees per Hour

  • Beginner
  • Minimum Number of 10 Prepaid Sessions

$35 Fees per Hour

  • Beginner Plus
  • Minimum Number of 8
    Prepaid Sessions

$41.3 Fees per Hour

  • Advanced
  • Minimum Number of 7
    Prepaid Sessions

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